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7. Buddhism and Shamanism tour

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About main religion of Mongolians.

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Day 1. 370km

  • Pick up from the hotel and drive to Kharkhorin.
  • Lunch.
  • Visit monastery Erdene Zuu and the museum inside the walled area with his 108 stupas and the Turtle statue. A guide will give a good explanation about Buddhism and shamanism.
  • Visit the new Kharkhorum museum.
  • Hiking to the hill with the monument and a great view over Kharkhorin. 
  • Dinner and stay in camp close to the river.

Day 2. 100km

  • Breakfast.
  • Drive to Tuvkhun monastery, Orkhon waterfall. 
  • Lunch and dinner. 
  • Stay in ger next to the monastery, communicate with the monk, get information about Buddhism and meditation. 

Day 3. 200km

  • Breakfast.
  • Drive to Khugnu khan.
  • Erdene Khambiin monastery. Visit ruins and small temples.
  • Lunch and dinner included.
  • Overnight in tourist ger camp.

Day 4. 270km

  • Breakfast.
  • Drive to UB.  
  • Lunch.
  • Dinner is not included.
  • End of service.
  • The ancient capital of Mongolia - Kharkhorin.
  • Erdenezuu monastery.
  • Tuvkhun monastery, Orkhon waterfall.
  • National Parks.
  • Erdenekhamba monastery.
  • Wildlife.
  • 3 nights stay in Mongolian traditional ger tent



  1. Ulaanbaatar